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Me and my buddy had a pretty solid system in college where we would do all our big lifts in the free weight room and then save an isolation lift for the upstairs portion of our gym with all the machines and treadmills and shit that girls like. We’d walk up there in our cut offs, all swolled up, and girls would be breaking their necks. It was hilarious at times how blatant they were. Every now and then a girl would talk to us or there would be chicks from class we could mack on, but the most important part was just being seen. About once a weekend at least one girl would approach me at the bar because she had seen me at the gym. Lay ups.

When I first started lifting in college I just wanted to bench 225 for 1 rep… I also weighed 145 lbs. What are your ultimate lifting goals. How do you plan them, I know when I was younger I was hitting goals every three to six months an setting new ones. Now I start planning a year in advance.